Professionally, I am Teacher Christine, sometimes Ms. G. I am a Special Education Specialist and Learning Consultant.

I do psycho-educational/developmental assessment of children with special needs and develop learning programs for them. I also do therapeutic teaching, behavior therapy and coaching, and services consulting. I have worn many different hats over the years, but despite the accolade; to one girl, I am MOTHER. And since she came along, life has become more exciting. The spotlight is on her. She says I am her best teacher. To me, I am more importantly her mom. She is my world, we learn together and I am HER MOMMY TEACHER.

On a more personal note, I am a solo parent. Other people call me a single mother. At times, I may need to do long distance parenting. Teaching her is still most valuable. Luckily, she still sees me as HER MOMMY TEACHER and runs to me (through instant messaging…God bless technology!!!) when she has difficult topics in school or ideas she wants to clarify about. Yes, my heart floats and melts <3 at the same time when she tells me I am best at what I do for her 🙂

So… yes, this is mostly a mom blog (with an attempt to be a venue for sharing other stuff in my decades-old teaching/coaching tool-box).

This is my long overdue project to which my friends have wanted me to plunge into. I have attempted many times to begin it but it wasn’t going any direction. After many drafts, many conceptualizations and (HONESTLY) many procrastinations; it’s here. I am writing. I am blogging. is FINALLY here 🙂